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Norsk Designs 
	Rosemaling by Joanne MacVey
2001 Vesterheim Gold Medalist
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178-page hardcover text book with approximately 200 photos, charts, illustrations, and graphics.
This is an instructional, reference book...not a pattern book.

"Telemark Rosemaling 101"

"a 'must' reference book for your rosemaling library."

What are others saying?

"...The thoroughness with which Joanne covers the topic will make it a great addition to the libary of rosemalers of all levels of experience."
Marlys Hammer, Vesterheim Gold Medalist

"...Joanne's attention to detail makes this a book that has history, all the basics from supplies to design, and the extras that make it a truly special book!"
Judy Ritger, Vesterheim Gold Medalist in Rosemaling and Carving

"From the beginner to the intermediate to the Professional rosemaler, in this book the author has researched the history, basic technique, lettering, balance concepts, oil and acrylic paints, varnishing etc. It contains answers to all your questions."
Norma Wangness, Vesterheim Gold Medalist
Rosemaling Heirlooms of Tomorrow
Rosemaling Heirlooms of Tomorrow
The Complete Guide to Shaded Telemark Style Norwegian Rosemaling

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To order book, call for ordering instructions or send your check payable to:

Joanne MacVey
15 Aspen Drive
Blue Grass, IA 52726
Phone: (563) 381-2286


You can create beautiful rosemaled heirlooms, too! This comprehensive instructional, reference book has it all.
  • History of rosemaling
  • Old Telemark Masters and typical flowers and scrolls of each
  • Supply list, brushes, and their care
  • Woodenware and background preparation
  • Paint and color mixing
  • The elements of Telemark rosemaling: designing; balance and contrasts; beginning strokes; scrolls and horns; flowers and leaves; borders and trims; lettering
  • Biblical and secular motifs, birds, animals, and symbolism
  • Varnishing and finishing
  • Acrylic and oil techniques
  • Specialty Norwegian heritage woodenware and sources.
Special price $59.99

Regular price $74.99 (U.S.funds, plus $4.95 shipping per book U.S. only). Allow 15 days for delivery. (No refunds)

Although no longer available for teaching or custom commission work, I am continuing to share my work with you on my website.

I rosemal primarily in the Telemark style,
but also paint ěs, Rogaland, Gudbrandsdalen and Valdres styles.

2004 White House Christmas Tree Ornaments
2008, 2006, 2004, 2002 International Sons of Norway Cultural Exhibitions awards
2008 - 1st and 2nd Place, Professional Division; 2006 - People's Choice and 2nd
2004 Society of Decorative Painters Decorative Arts Collection
Third Place - Telemark Open Milk Ambar

2004 Heart of Ohio Decorative Painters Regional Convention
Best of Show - 20" Telemark Plate

2001 Sons of Norway Cultural Specialist Award
2001 National Rosemaling Exhibition
Red Ribbon - Telemark Norwegian Sleigh

2000 National Rosemaling Exhibition
Blue Ribbon - Telemark Ambar
Red Ribbon - Telemark Jewelry Cupboard
1999 National Rosemaling Exhibition

White Ribbon - Telemark Ambar

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